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  • We are a team of software architects
  • Every developer in Codepro.it network has gone through a tech round with us
  • We explain developers the technical challenges they get to solve at your company
  • We understand your development needs and will match the right developers
  • Find qualified engineers who are hungry for their next problem statement

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"Thank God its Friday... No, wait - I'm a Freelancer!"

  • Codepro.it has expert freelance developers in its network
  • Engage them for product architecture, development & devops
  • For web & mobile apps, search & analytics, real-time messaging and beyond
  • We take care of project management & billing, so you can focus on the product

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About Us

At Codepro.it, we are passionate about software and talented developers focused on building software. Our objective is to match each developer with the right problem statement. Codepro.it is a close-knit talent network, hand-picked and nurtured by a team of architects.

Sunil Guttula

An alumnus of IIT, Kharagpur, Sunil has been building software for 20 years and currently drives product development for 2 startups. His experience spans Fortune 500 companies and starting a big data product company, Dataswft

Nitin Puri

A DU alumnus, Nitin is a software architect/developer and is curently building products for an ecommerce startup. Prior experience includes building large scale enterprise systems at leading Services & Wall Street Firms. Nitin strongly believes that People are the key aspect behind any organization and is passionate about enabling the right person to be at the right place.